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Please read: if you haven't realised already - most of these recommendations are for slash stories - if you are under the age of majority where you are, disapprove of the concept of male/male sexual relationships or just clicked the wrong link, then maybe you'd like to go back to the contents page?

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'Employment Benefits' - He didn't make sense; he hadn't made sense from the beginning. Not like Reese. Reese was someone she knew: not a brother, but the fucking annoying third cousin who always showed up for Thanksgiving. Harold/John, Harold/John/Sam, Harold/Sam.

'A Really Private Person' - when The Machine gives them a number that turns out to lead to a comet heading for Earth, Harold is forced to put aside his various identities and get involved, regardless of the possible consequences. Harold/John.


'DTRT' - Finch turns. He sees the barrel of a gun and his brain goes completely white. Reese's body crashes into his, broad and powerful and shoving him up against the glass of a storefront window. The gun fires and he can't breathe. Screams echo down the streets, almost drowning out Bear's vicious barking and a rush of fleeing footsteps. He can smell the gunshot residue, but then it's masked by Reese's breath close to his face as he asks, his voice an urgent rasp, "Are you hit?" Gen.


'The Great Friendship Caper' - after his number keeps coming up, Finch decides that what Leon Tao really needs is some positive influences. Unfortunately what he has to hand to implement this particular plan is John Reese. Gen.


'Point of a Pistol' - Root has returned to take what she considers to be hers and John has no intention of letting that happen, no matter what it takes. Harold/John.


'Better Luck This Time' - in which Carter gets fed up with being John's confidant when it comes to his feelings for Finch. Harold/John.

Lithium Doll:

New!'Symbolic Constant' - in a post-apocalyptic world where Samaritan has won, unlikely events occur to try and tip the balance back to how it might have been. Root/Shaw.


'Pseudoprime' - At first, Harold sleeps with Mr. Reese because the Machine tells him to. Harold/John.


'Outsider Perspective' - This is an amnesia fic, which pretty much always works for me; both our protagonists have no idea who they are and watching them fit the pieces together (not always correctly) is an entertaining and ultimately angsty experience. Harold/John.


'less bigger than the least begin' - ever wondered what happened to the other 'help' who Harold recruited before he came across John Reese? John/Harold.


'She Kisses Harder Than You' - Root gives him an almost sympathetic look. “It must be so hard for you, being so loyal, so willing, and your master’s just...indifferent.” John/Root - non-con; Harold/John.



If you're like me and angst-ridden slash is your thing, try 'Fifteen Years'. Secrets abound in this Real Ghostbusters slash story - Peter/Egon.

Dean Warner:

I've always been a sucker for 'how they got together' stories and these stories both fulfill that need and then some - chronicling that all-important first meeting, way back when they were both students at Columbia, 'The First Five Weeks Of The Rest Of My Life' and 'Misgivings' are some of the best stories I've read in this unfortunately not very active slash fandom. Peter/Egon.

James Walkswithwind:

'Have You Never Been Lonely, Have You Never Been Lied To?'. Peter has been denying his feelings for Egon. What happens when he can't any longer? Peter/Egon.

James Walkswithwind seems to have a thing about people not being quite what they seem (see her 'Wesley, Rogue Demon' Angel story which I've also recced for another example of this theme) - this time it's Peter who isn't quite what the others always thought him to be in 'What Are Friends For?'. Gen, with a Peter/Egon sequel in 'What Else Are Friends For?'.


'Spontaneous Combustion' by Lethe. Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler meet at Columbia University. Peter/Egon. Then go read the rest of the series here.

Mary Crawford:

'Into Still Water Like a Star' - As soon as a grateful populace made Peter king of the world, he decided, clowns would be first against the wall. Peter/Egon. Available to registered users of AO3 only.


'Pure Evil' - there's not enough people writing in certain fandoms at present, probably not helped by the fact said fandom isn't out on dvd, but that's where things like Yuletide are so great! Peter and Egon find themselves trapped together and hijinks eventually ensue... Peter/Egon.


Dira Sudis:

'A Little Mental Yoga' - just when he was starting to think he knew everything about the rookie, Sherman manages to surprise him once again, and in the oddest of ways. Sherman/Cooper.


'Son is on a Midnight Run Like DeNiro'. Men are all about personal space. John, in particular, is all about personal space. He doesn't like people violating his area uninvited; it makes him tense. Apparently Sherman didn't get this memo. Sherman/Cooper.

Sam Storyteller:

'Protective Custody' - Sherman is in the hospital and gets an unwanted visitor, forcing Cooper to intervene, not that he minds all that much... Gen.


Augusta Pembroke:

'Pleasure Boy' - Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan cope with an undercover assignment. Funny in some parts, it's a sweet love story. Slash.


'Almost Got Him' by Aya. Two apprentices meet in a bar and complain about their Masters … Humour.


This one is more than a little strange. But I liked it. 'Parts'. C3PO/R2D2. Yes, really.

Black Rose:

If you're interested in a look at Obi-Wan as a Dark Lord of the Sith, try the 'Out of Darkness' series (scroll down on this page, since the stories aren't linked to one another) by Black Rose. There is m/m sexual content, non-consensual.

Brenda Antrim:

A fix-it story for TPM, filled with love and pain ... slash, of course, 'Resistance'.

Cara J. Loup:

Blind Light - just what happened in that period of time between Han being unfrozen and the trip to the Sarlacc pit? Han/Luke

Diana Williams:

I loved the original Star Wars movies, but it hasn't been a fandom in which I've particularly come across anything I wanted to recommend till now. I was really pleased when Diana Williams finally finished her AU story, 'Life While There's Hope' - it's a Han/Luke story, that begins with Han Solo stealing a certain not-very-proficient pleasure slave from Jabba the Hutt.


'Knight Moves' has an intriguing premise - what if Darth Maul didn't want to be a Sith? What if it were a clone who killed Qui-Gon? And what might happen if Maul enters the Temple to face Obi-Wan's hatred? Slash.

Lilith Sedai:

The 'Elements' series - intense, densely plotted and beautifully written, this series of four AU stories starts with 'Water', in which Qui-Gon Jinn fails to take Obi-Wan as his apprentice on Bandomeer, so Yoda does instead. After Obi-Wan is knighted, he and Qui-Gon are sent on a mission together and encounter personal conflicts as they attempt to work together. The series continues in 'Earth', 'Air', and 'Fire'.


'Choices' explores what might have happened if Sidious had been the one to kill Qui-Gon on Naboo. Very absorbing AU.

Various authors:

The Sith Academy is an archive of extremely funny AU SW : Phantom Menace stories. Warning: do not read while consuming beverages!! Uh, if the thought of Yoda in a corset strikes you as repulsive rather than funny, you might want to give this a miss. Also Qui-Gon is a bit of a hippy-dippy, promiscuous pot head in this (I did mention it was AU, didn't I?), Obi-Wan is a graduate of the Jedi Happy Farm, and Darth Maul, well, read it and find out … Slash.



'Disaster Stories' - it starts with an earthquake and goes on from there. Harvey/Mike.


'All In' - if you're looking for h/c in this fandom, then this may be the fic for you, wherein Harvey wins Mike in a poker game and ends up with way more than he ever bargained for. Harvey/Mike.


'Trust Graded on a Curve' - Mike is getting used to the idea that he's got an actual job, now if only Louis would stop hovering over him and threatening to sack him or making implications about just why it is Harvey keeps him around, life would probably be just fine. Mike/Harvey pre-slash.


'My Brother's Keeper' - a cracking story where the awesome Donna is Harvey's big sister and determined to make sure everything works out for him. Harvey/Mike.



'Carpe Diem' - a story set in season 1, in which Neal gets Kate back but discovers this is worse than having lost her in the first place... Neal/Kate.


'A Mile Away and Wearing Your Shoes' - in which Neal and Peter find a magical artifact in an FBI bust and end up experiencing the view from the other side of the desk. Yes, it's a bodyswap story, just go with it! Peter/Elizabeth/Neal.

China Shop:

'Unofficial Surveillance' - Mozzie didn't even prevaricate. He produced a small radio receiver from his pocket and handed it over. "The Suit can see your tracking data whenever he wants. It's only fair that you should get to see his inner workings, too." Peter/Elizabeth/Neal.

'No, and Here's a Dozen Reasons Why' - running alongside seasons 1 and 2, I particularly liked the way it starts with Peter telling his agents how to avoid letting Neal scam them and develops as the relationships within the show develop and deepen. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal.


'Two Hundred and Eight Weeks' - what happens when the tracking anklet comes off? Peter/Elizabeth/Neal.

'These are the words I never said (this is the fear)' - in the aftermath of the tracking anklet coming off, Neal tries to figure out what it is he wants and what he might never get to have. Peter/Neal, Elizabeth/Peter.

fiercely dreamed:

'I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (and I Just Don't Get Any Respect)' - a nice crossover between two of my current favourite shows (White Collar and Leverage), where Nate decides that what they really need for their next con is a particular con artist, one who's currently working with the FBI. Various pairings implied.


love is not a battlefield (i am no hercules) - I've often struggled with rape-recovery stories, mostly because too many of them stress the power of the healing magic cock, but for beautifully-written stuff like this I'll make an exception. Flashbacks for Neal, realistic reactions from Elizabeth and Peter. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal (eventually).

'Shelter' - The week after Kate dies, Neal stays with the Burkes. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal.


'Always Starts the Same, With a Boy and a Girl' - in this AU story, the author wonders just what might have happened if Neal had met El first, instead of Peter and works on from there. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal (eventually).

'Figure It Out' - "You, upstairs," El said to Neal. He beamed, twirled on one foot, and trotted out. "And you need to stop making it so fun to mess with you," she added to Peter. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal.


'Both Sides of the Conversation' - an AU where rookie FBI agent Peter Burke is called to investigate a robbery in an art gallery and runs into a situation that is far beyond his ability to control. Hijinks ensue, with Elizabeth and Neal at their heart. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal.

'Full Immunity' - now Peter has put his FBI badge on one side so Neal can be completely honest about what he's done in the past without fear of prosecution, here's a bunch of other occasions when the two of them (and El, of course!) have done just that. Peter/Elizabeth/Neal.

'Perfect Beautiful Good' - there's just something about the thrill of the chase that spills over into Peter and Elizabeth's lovelife, so Neal has no idea how much Elizabeth would like to thank him for... Peter/Elizabeth/Neal.

Sam Storyteller:

'Somewhere I Have Never Traveled' - riffing off the season 2 episode 'Company Man', this excellent story asks what if Peter Burke had gone corporate instead of joining the FBI and how might he and Neal have crossed paths after all? Peter/Neal.



'A Long Time Coming' [there are no links between parts so here are all the bits] - when he left the FBI two years earlier, Danny thought he'd left all his past behind him, till Martin unexpectedly arrives to turn his world upside down. Danny/Martin.


'Benediction' - an AU fic where Martin is still with the FBI, still searching for missing persons, but finding that he doesn't really like the life he's leading at all. Danny/Martin.


'Hold Your Breath a Little Longer' is an excellent Danny/Martin story and this time it's Martin Fitzgerald who's the missing person.


'Die in the Ether Peripheries' by k - Martin was feeling official, not philosophical, so Danny kept his mouth shut. Danny/Martin.


'Of Things In Dreams' - Martin thinks he might be going crazy. Danny is apparently determined to drive him even crazier. Danny/Martin.

'Fires of Rome' - in a future where everything has fallen apart, all they have is each other. And at the moment they don't even have that. Danny/Martin.

'Seasons present, seasons past' - in a world that's oddly both different from and similar to our own, Danny and Martin work together to track a serial killer who is preying on teenage girls. Danny/Martin.

'Trinity' - after Martin is shot and almost dies, his relationship with Danny suffers. Danny/Martin.

'Once Upon a Time in Virginia' - one of the many AUs in this fandom, though this one's not so distant from the show as others are, since it's based on the premise that our protagonists first meet as roommates at Quantico. Danny/Martin.

'Codebreaker' - The thing with Martin is that there is no thing with Martin. Danny/Martin.


'His Judgment Cometh' - for some reason there are some really interesting AUs in this fandom and this post-apocalyptic tale is one of them. Danny/Martin.


'Cena Para Dos' - Martin just got his arse kicked by their boss and Danny offers some comfort food and maybe a little more. Danny/Martin.

'Borrowed Heaven' - Danny and Martin get in the middle of something, with repercussions for both of them. Danny/Martin.


'A Game of Moments' - first impressions aren't always right, as Danny Taylor is finding out. Danny/Martin.



In denial over the events of 'Existence'? Don't worry, I won't spoil it for you if you've not seen the episode in question, but you might like this story as an alternative if you have... 'And Justice For All'. Mulder/Krycek

Blue Mohairbear:

'Here there be Tygers' - Cancerman tries to blackmail Mulder. It doesn't quite work the way he had planned... Slash.

Ethan Nelson:

'Cyanide and Astroglide' is a diverting little tale of Mulder's investigation into murder in the adult film industry. Mulder/Skinner. Humour.

And while you're over there, read 'The Threat of Other Chicks' too, where Mulder gets amnesia and his overall behaviour improves quite a great deal! Mulder/Skinner.


'Dry Heat' is a futuristic AU set after the Colonization and Skinner is on a mission to find Mulder … Some violence, not much, and a really well-drawn account of a relatively disrupted civilization. Slash.


Oooh, another dark & nasty X Files story - in 'Inner Shadows', Mulder is abducted from his apartment and forced by his kidnappers to have sex with Skinner. However, everything is not quite as it seems. Mulder/Skinner (if you hadn't guessed).


'Wakened by Silence' by JiM is a lovely, quiet story ... Walter Skinner has resigned from the FBI, and Mulder finds him. Slash


'Beyond the Barrier of Snow' - I love a good AU story, it's a genre which is a particular weakness of mine. Skinner/Krycek isn't my favourite pairing in this fandom, but I really liked this story.

MJ Lee:

'Wild Justice' - Mulder makes a deal with the devil and lives to regret it, as he gets his chance at revenge on Krycek. Mulder/Krycek, contains rape scenes.

Sarah Bellum:

'A Fish Called Krycek' - this is billed by the author as an X-Files AU, but to be honest, I don't see the characters as being the same as on the show. Same names, but not the same people. However, it is interesting. Mulder as a marine biologist, Scully as the aquarium director, Skinner as an accountant(!) ... and Krycek as a mer-man. It's interesting and well written, but if you find the idea of Mulder having sex with someone/something he considers to be an animal, this is probably not for you.


'Subaudition' - what will Mulder be prepared to do to keep the X Files open for business? Just about anything, it seems. Mulder/Skinner

Okay, everyone who has a recs page that even mentions XF has probably already recced this story by now. I know, I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes, but my reasoning was this: everyone is falling over themselves to praise this story, so it can't be that good. Boy, was I wrong. 'Ghosts' - do yourself a favour, go read it. If you've read it before, go re-read it. It's that good. Mulder/Krycek.

And then read 'Lovers', the sequel - it's not quite as good as 'Ghosts' IMO, but that was a tough act to follow for anything, and it's still definitely worth reading.

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