Fanfic Recommendations

Please read: before you go any further - most of these recommendations are for slash stories - if you are under the age of majority where you are, disapprove of the concept of male/male sexual relationships or just clicked the wrong link, then maybe you'd like to go back to the contents page?

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel
Due South
The Eagle / Eagle of the Ninth
Page 2
Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Page 3
Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Harry Potter
Harry Potter
(multiple & other pairings)
Page 4
Invisible Man L.A. Confidential
Man from UNCLE Master and Commander
Page 5
Marvel (all universes)
Page 6
Miscellaneous Fandoms Nero Wolfe
Once a Thief Original Fiction
Page 7
Sherlock Holmes
(various incarnations)
Page 8
Person of Interest Real Ghostbusters
Southland Star Wars
Suits White Collar
Without a Trace X Files

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