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Gen Stargate fanfic
Not quite what happened from 'Fire and Water' onwards, but it certainly could have been...
The Deft Heart
Dealing with the aftermath.
Something is clearly wrong with a member of SG1...
Down Time
A power outage leaves a bored Jack O'Neill looking for something to do...
Eye of the Storm
My response to a 'no Danny whumping' challenge - not quite what was expected ?
Jack is having nightmares.
One Common Light
Daniel gets a surprise, Sam gets to show what she's made of and the others are just themselves.
Ordinary Day
Just another mission for SG1....
Jack gets to make an unexpected trip.
Jack contemplates his trips to Abydos...
Daniel recalls his past...
A little something from Sam's point of view.
Retrospective II
More from Sam Carter...
Time To Think
A snippet inspired by 'Into the Fire'.
So different, and yet so alike...
Whom the Gods Would Destroy
Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

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