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The anniversary of a painful experience rolls around for Jack, bringing revelation in its wake... Jack/Daniel.

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An 89,000 word AU Jack/Daniel novel, published by Ashton Press.

This story will shortly be available online at AO3.

Chimaera: a grotesque product of the imagination Jack/Daniel.
Duology I - Protection
Two sides of the same story. Jack/Daniel.
Duology II - Watching
Two sides of the same story. Jack/Daniel.
A different take on Daniel's ascension and return. Jack/Daniel.
Falls The Shadow
In the Stargate universe, things are not always exactly as they appear. Jack/Daniel.
Force of Nature
after the events of 'Absolute Power', Daniel has learned a few things about himself. Jack/Daniel.
Home Remedy
Jack is feeling poorly, till he gets a visitor who has an idea how to make him feel better... Jack/Daniel.
House Rules
Daniel gets a place of his own... Jack/Daniel.
In His Minds Eye
Who would have thought that Jack's mind worked that way? Jack/Daniel.
In Time Of Need
Reality, some might say it's over-rated... Daniel/Teal'c
Into The Past
The past comes back to haunt both Jack and Daniel. Jack/Daniel.

Journey's End
An AU Jack/Daniel novella.
Open mouth, insert foot.Jack/Daniel.
Can Daniel reconcile the things he believes with what he needs? Jack/Daniel.
No Surface, All Feeling
Old Habits
Jack knows a lot of things, or at least, he thinks he does. Jack/Daniel.
On Top
Just a little piece of plotless Daniel/Teal'c smut.
Daniel's forgetfulness leads to unexpected results... Jack/Daniel.
Nightmares seem to be par for the course when you're working for the SGC, but this time round Daniel's dreams are cutting a little close to the bone. Jack/Daniel.
Jack gets what he's always wanted, eventually. Jack/Daniel.
Protective Coloration
The course of true love and all that... Jack/Daniel.
An unexpected discovery leads to discoveries of a different kind. Jack/Daniel.
Making things right, Jaffa style. A Daniel/Teal'c story, also part of the Teal'c ficathon on Livejournal.
Three Little Words
Three little words that mean so much, and no, they're not the ones people usually use - a response to Rae's challenge. Jack/Daniel.
A revelation from Daniel forces changes within the SGC... Jack/Daniel.
Long-distance relationships are a pain in the mik'ta... Jack/Daniel.
The Waters of Lethe
Cause and effect, decision and consequence. Jack/Daniel.
The Brave New World series
Learning Experience
Oh, brave new world that has such creatures in it... (Daniel/Teal'c preslash).
I, Caliban
What's past is prologue. (Daniel/Teal'c preslash).
The Reputations Series
A series of short pieces, all Jack/Daniel, each inspired by a particular episode... [except for 'Another Perspective', which takes a more overall view of the relationship between Daniel and Jack...]
Another Perspective
The Communication Series
Jack makes a discovery...
Jack and Daniel deal with the aftermath of going somewhere they're not invited...
Deja Vu
Daniel tries to understand the events on Abydos and their consequences back on Earth.
Parting Shot
The truth comes out and Daniel reacts badly.
You don't know what you've got till it's gone, but suddenly both Jack & Daniel are seeing things a lot clearer.
Stories by Graculus & Jennifer Lyon

Price of Knowledge

A story based on the premise: 'what if Jack & Daniel got stuck together on Ernest's planet ?' (set during and after the first-season episode 'Torment of Tantalus'). Jack/Daniel.
Stories by Graculus & Rachel


An AU story - a very different Daniel meets a very different Jack. Jack/Daniel.

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