Home Remedy:
by Graculus

Jack's head was spinning slightly as he dragged himself out of bed to answer the door. As far as he knew, no-one knew he was ill - he had the weekend off work, he hadn't called anyone, but there was someone here nevertheless.

All right, all right, he thought angrily as the pounding on the door continued.

He had reached the door by now, his hand shaking as he reached up to the lock and turned it, the door swinging open.

"Hi Jack," his visitor said brightly. Then Daniel paused, his eyes widening as he took in the other man's appearance with a glance. "You okay?"

"Sure," Jack snarled, unable to help himself. "I always look like this. What're you doing here anyway?"

"I was just passing..."

"Just passing?" Jack snorted, even though his response made his head pound a little more. "You live the other side of town."

"Okay, so I wasn't just passing," Daniel conceded. "Can I come in?"

"Knock yourself out..." Jack growled, stepping back from the doorway and gesturing to his visitor to enter. "I'm going to make some coffee, d'you want some?" he continued, heading for the kitchen.

"Thanks. But shouldn't you be in bed? You look... awful."

"Gee thanks." As Jack headed to the kitchen, he couldn't resist throwing the next few words back over his shoulder. "What d'you think I'm doing up? Someone was pounding on my front door..."

Silence followed him and he regretted the words instantly.

"I should go," Daniel said quietly. "You go back to bed."

"No, it's..."

Just then a feeling of nausea swept through him, making Jack choke back the words he had been about to speak as he rushed past Daniel in a headlong rush for the bathroom.

The world spun again as he knelt before the toilet.

"You're ill," a voice said, as a cold cloth was held against the back of his neck. "Let's get you back to bed - you finished here?"

"For now," Jack grated.


This is not how I wanted to get Daniel in my bedroom, Jack thought as he watched the archaeologist pulling the curtains closed.

Daniel seemed oblivious to his stare, moving from the window across to the doorway and out of the room. He returned after a moment with two bowls. Carefully placing one of them on the small cupboard that stood by the bed, he bent over to place the other on the floor.

Somehow, Jack was unable to contain the small sigh that escaped his lips as Daniel bent over.

The other man seemed blissfully unaware that he had on a pair of chinos that flattered that already beautiful butt of his. Even though he was under the weather, Jack could feel the heat pooling in his groin and shifted uncomfortably in the bed in the hope that the bedclothes would disguise his growing erection.

"Your face is a bit flushed," Daniel commented.

Jack sighed to himself. What he wanted to say was something along the lines of 'what do you expect, Daniel, when you wave that butt of yours in front of my face like that?', but he settled for a non-committal grunt instead.

"Apart from the nausea," Daniel continued, "what's wrong?"

"It's just a stomach bug, Daniel," Jack said.

He watched the other man carefully, eyeing him as he reached into the other bowl, the one he had placed nearby, pulling out a cloth. Jack was mesmerised by Daniel's hands, watching the way that the long fingers moved as the other man wrung the water from the cloth.

His mouth felt dry all of a sudden, as his brain helpfully provided him with graphic pictures of what he really wanted those hands to be doing.

Hell, they were ice cold from the water, weren't they? And they would certainly feel much better trailing over his body than any cloth on his forehead would manage....


The way Daniel was saying his name made him realise instantly that it wasn't the first time he had been called.


"I said that I was worried about your temperature," Daniel said, with a small smile at Jack's inattention. "You look really flushed."

"I'm not that bad," Jack said. "Been worse..."

"And the Hundred Years War was just a minor scuffle..." Daniel muttered to himself, as he sat beside Jack on the bed, the ice-cold cloth coming up to stroke gently across Jack's forehead.

He had to admit, that felt good. Even if the concept of Daniel sitting that close to him, his other hand resting casually on Jack's shoulder as he wiped the colonel's brow with the cold cloth made Jack uncomfortably aware of movement down below.

Not now, he thought, beginning to feel a little frantic with the fear of discovery.

Jack tried to think of cold things, remembering his involuntary trip to the Antarctic a while back with Carter, but his mind kept sidetracking him, taking him back to the thoughts he had entertained earlier of Daniel's cold fingers flickering across his hot skin.

This is not helping, he thought, fiercely.

Jack gritted his teeth, trying by sheer force of will to control the erection that seemed determined to drill its way to Daniel through the bedclothes.

Any minute now, he thought, and Danny-boy is going to notice that there's way too much activity going on down there...


Some time soon he would have to admit that he had an ulterior motive for still being here with Jack, Daniel knew that. But between now and that time, the time that would probably conclude with extreme amounts of shouting and violence, Daniel was determined to make the most of this chance to be near Jack.

It was usually enough for him just to be around the colonel. Sure, they were friends, spending a great deal of time together, one way or another, but Jack had never given any indication that he felt any different towards Daniel than he did towards Sam or Teal'c.

So the chance to look after Jack like this was a godsend.

Just the opportunity to touch the other man without fear of censure, feel the texture of his skin, be close enough to bask in the heat from his body.... Daniel knew that these long minutes would be called upon to provide him with enough fodder for his fantasies to keep him going for months to follow.

Not that he wasn't concerned for Jack's well-being - no, he had to admit that Jack needed looking after, and if anyone should be doing that, Daniel felt that it should be him.

Daniel took a deep breath, telling his voice to hold steady before he dared speak.

"I think," he began, a little hesitantly, "that you should take that t-shirt off." Jack just looked at him when he said this. "It's soaked..." he continued, trying to explain.

Jack nodded then, a little tersely.

"You need to take your hand off my shoulder then," he said.

Daniel tried not to snatch his hand back like it had been burnt - had he forgotten it was there? That couldn't be possible, could it?


Something clicked in Jack's mind as he saw the hesitant expression cross Daniel's face. There was something not quite right about this situation, something he couldn't quite determine at the moment.

His eyes, of their own accord, watched Daniel's tongue flick out across his bottom lip in that nervous gesture that always made Jack swallow slightly.

Damn, he thought.

It was only as he shifted in the bed, his hands coming to the hem of the shirt, that Jack recalled that he was already as hard as a rock down below. Not that he had really forgotten, it was more that seeing Daniel's mouth again, his twisted mind had replaced the earlier images of Daniel's hands with ones concerning that mouth, that tongue....

As he began to remove the t-shirt, Jack saw Daniel's eyes widen slightly and it was as though all the puzzle pieces began to click into place. In the same way that he had blushed earlier, though Jack had been thankful for his already elevated temperature as some kind of camouflage, he saw the reddening of Daniel's face begin.

How could I have been so blind? he wondered, with a sudden sense of impending triumph. But I don't want to scare him off... he concluded, grinning to himself.

He peeled the shirt off as slowly as possible, flexing muscles unnecessarily in the hope of deepening the blush he saw on Daniel's face.

Sure enough, when he finally removed the shirt over his head, the first thing he saw when he looked back at the other man was the way that Daniel was suddenly focussing on the cloth in his hand, gazing down at it as if it held the wonders of the universe.

"You were right, Daniel," Jack said, grinning to himself as the archaeologist's head snapped up at those unaccustomed words. "I hadn't realised quite how hot I was...."

Taking a deep breath to steady his hand, Jack reached out and took hold of the cloth Daniel was gripping. He could see the whiteness of the skin over the other man's knuckles. Taking the cloth, he leaned over slightly to the bowl of water, twisting a little uncomfortably as he dipped the cloth into the cold water, and then wrung it out.

Leaning back against the headboard, Jack began to trail the cloth gently across his forehead, before dragging it slowly down the side of his face to his throat. Even if he had not been able to see Daniel's eyes, focussed like lasers on the cloth, he could almost have felt their heat.

Jack grinned to himself again.

Not only did the coolness of the cloth make him feel a whole lot better, this way he got to torment Daniel as well, and that was one of his favourite sports!


Daniel could not tear his eyes away from the droplets of cold water as they trickled slowly down Jack's neck. It took all his self-control not to lunge forward, to follow their trail with his mouth, visions of the way that Jack would moan and writhe tormenting him.

Even as Jack brought the cloth down to his neck, Daniel could see the drops of water that were pooling in the hollow of the colonel's collarbone, before trickling over the edge and beginning their long descent down Jack's chest.

Is it me, or is it hot in here? he wondered. Daniel swallowed, suddenly aware of the dryness of his mouth.

Jack's eyes were closed now, his head lolling back against the wall behind the bed as the cold cloth trailed its way across his shoulders.

When he opened his eyes again, Jack found himself staring into Daniel's eyes. As much as he had tried to hide what he was feeling, seeing an answering light in those blue depths threw him a little and he tried to mask the emotions he was feeling.

Daniel watched him carefully now, eyeing him as he turned to the basin of cold water again. He had seen something in those chocolate depths, something that looked very much like.... arousal?

Like any good scientist, Daniel formulated a hypothesis and then proceeded to gather evidence, seeking to test his theory for any flaws. The awkward position Jack was in as he reached over to the nearby bowl of water made the bedclothes bunch and shift, providing Daniel with the final proof he needed.

Two can play at that game, he thought, smiling to himself.


When Jack turned back, resting his upper body against the headboard once more, he was amazed at the change he saw in Daniel. It was as though the archaeologist had been replaced while he wasn't looking - replaced with someone who looked just like Daniel, except for the predatory glint in those beautiful blue eyes.

Even as Jack opened his mouth to speak, to question the expression he had seen flicker across Daniel's face, the other man moved with a grace and speed he had never expected.

He surged up the bed, his hands coming to grip Jack's wrists, while one knee pressed Jack's thighs down, rendering the colonel immobile. The wet cloth fell from one of Jack's hands, unheeded, as Daniel began to plunder the other man's mouth.

He seemed determined to suck the very last breath from Jack's body, to explore in minute detail every last millimetre of Jack's mouth, all with a passion that should not have surprised the colonel, on reflection.

For a long moment, Jack was too stunned to respond, too delighted then that his plan had worked, that he had tormented Daniel enough to get a response, even if it had not been quite the response he was expecting.

Then, way too soon in Jack's opinion, Daniel pulled back, just far enough that the two men could look into each other's eyes.

"Feeling better?" Daniel asked, with a smirk.

Jack could only nod, his eyes searching Daniel's, his head coming insistently forward, seeking the warm slickness of Daniel's mouth once more.

Daniel moved his knee slightly, nudging it against the swelling under the bedclothes.

"I could make you forget you were ever sick," Daniel said.

Who is this guy? Jack wondered, as both the words and their implication sunk in. He sure as hell looks like Daniel Jackson, but who'd have thought it...?

"Uh huh," Jack said, hoping that this was enough of an answer for the stranger in Daniel's body. Daniel grinned, that predatory light still there in his eyes.

"Put your hands there," Daniel said, guiding Jack's hands to the ends of the headboard. "And keep them there, okay?"

Jack nodded, feeling the colder air of the bedroom sweep over him as Daniel shuffled back slightly. He gripped the headboard convulsively, watching in fascination as Daniel grabbed the edge of the bedclothes and began to pull them back over his boxer-clad groin.


I'm going to wake up, some time soon... Daniel thought, as he pulled back the bedclothes.

He glanced up at Jack, who was resting his arms across the headboard, seeing the way that his hands were gripping the ends of it, the way Jack's eyes were following his every movement like a mongoose watching a cobra.

Daniel glanced down, seeing then only Jack's groin, the erection there separated from him only by a thin layer of cotton.

Jack had sagged slightly, his hips sliding down the bed, and now Daniel could see the trail that the drops of water had made as they trickled down Jack's chest before falling over the sides of his torso.

Leaning forward, Daniel began to trail his tongue gently down the path of one of them, even as his fingers snagged the waistband of the boxers and began to lower them.

Jack moaned as Daniel's mouth made contact, his back arching and his eyes closing.

Daniel laughed to himself - if he could make Jack moan like that just from what he was doing to the other man's chest, then what was the rest of the experience going to be like? He was suddenly glad they were at Jack's place, with no immediate neighbours.

Reaching out with one hand, Daniel snagged a couple of ice-cubes from the bowl of water that still stood by the bed, making sure he masked his movement by sucking at Jack's nipple as he did so.

He glanced up at Jack, a swift look under his eyelashes, but the colonel still had his eyes closed. In fact, they were now screwed closed, the expression on his face showing that he was somewhere far away.

Daniel grinned to himself as he quickly slipped the ice-cubes into his mouth and headed down Jack's body. Jack writhed slightly, feeling Daniel's hot breath on his skin but no contact.

"Shhh," Daniel whispered, breathing onto Jack's erection, which seemed to become even harder, if that were possible.

His hands were cool, he knew that - he had wiped the excess water off them onto the sheets after he had retrieved his mouthful of ice-cubes, so Daniel now wrapped one of them around Jack's erection, smiling as the colonel shuddered at the sudden change in temperature.

Crunching the ice-cubes quietly, Daniel hesitated a moment before he placed his mouth over Jack's cock, holding his head steady so that his hot breath was tickling the end of it. Jack writhed again, his eyes opening slightly.

With one swift movement, Daniel swallowed as much as he could, feeling Jack jerk and shout as the ice-cubes hit his already over-sensitised skin. The awkward angle meant that, when Jack's hips jerked convulsively upwards, Daniel was able to go with the movement, thus avoiding being choked.

Jack had already been so hard that it was a matter of seconds before he came, one hand leaving the headboard to grip Daniel's head, fingers knotting themselves loosely in his hair.


It was a long time before either of them spoke. Daniel had crawled up the bed again, shedding clothing as he did so. He had also found the cloth that Jack had lost beforehand, quietly soaking into the mattress, and had flipped that onto the floor.

Now he had wrapped himself around Jack, his head resting over the colonel's heart, listening to its regular beat.

"You feeling sick now?" Daniel asked.

"I was sick?"

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